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A Driving Standards Agency Approved Motorcycle Training Body.



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Driving Standards Agency


The Motorcycle Industry Trainers Association (MCITA)






Our on-road motorcycle training courses take us across the beautiful Kent and East Sussex countryside.


Towns and villages in the South East that we ride in include...







Herne Bay










New Romney





Tunbridge Wells


CBT -  Compulsory Basic Training moped and motorbike                                          




Compulsory Basic Training         


We run our CBT courses from Ashford in Kent.  Ashford Map


CBT Cost:   £120

 (includes all instruction, bike and clothing hire, bike insurance, fuel etc)  (We even provide tea and coffee)


(Remember, if you book a DAS or A2 course the CBT fee is already included in the course price!)



Location:  We run our CBT courses in Ashford in Kent.

Our Ashford offices are just a few minutes from junctions 9 or 10 of the M20 and just off the main A28 Canterbury, Ashford, Tenterden to Hastings road.

We are around half an hour from Rye, Canterbury, Faversham or Folkestone. Ashford Map


Duration:  The CBT course normally takes 1 day (there is NO further charge if it takes longer).


Availability: We run CBTs most days a week throughout the year - give us a call for the latest availability.

Instructor to Student ratios:
CBT course
maximum 1:4 (we often run 1:3) for the first 4 elements of the day, maximum 1:2 on the road.

See our list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about doing your CBT Course with us.

    The CBT Course

  • This is the starting point for everyone. Successful completion gains you a CBT certificate (also known as a DL196) which entitles you to ride low powered machines (50cc for 16 year olds, 125cc for 17 years and over) with L plates for 2 years.

  • There are 5 Elements to the CBT course which is structured by the DSA, these include classroom theory (but no written work!) as well as practical riding in our safe off-road area.

  • This is a course of continuous training and assessment with students only moving on to the next stage when they have satisfactorily completed the previous one.

  • So there is no test as such, but the course does conclude with a road-ride with an instructor in radio contact to ensure the lessons of the day are put into practice on the road.

  • When the course is successfully completed a CBT certificate is issued.

  • If you are under 17 years old, or if you only want to ride a 125cc bike and aren't planning on using motorways or carrying passengers then a CBT is all you need, and you don't even need to take a separate Theory Test!

  • For those going on to do a full course the CBT fee is included in the full course price.

  • If you've never ridden at all before and want to do a CBT on a geared bike we recommend our £20 Taster Session as a gentle one-to-one introduction to biking before taking your CBT.

Call us on (01233) 621 536 (Ashford) to book.



Once you have booked onto this course remember to check the following before coming along...

  • Bring your driving licence (both the paper counterpart and the photocard), we cannot run the course for you without both of them. If you have an old-style paper-only licence please bring a current, valid passport as photo-ID.

  • Wear jeans (or motorcycle trousers if you have them)

  • Wear boots (ideally motorcycle boots, if not then a pair of stout lace-up walking boots, but try and avoid steel toe-capped ones, please do not turn up in trainers or high heels!)

  • Read The Highway Code, (it's only £2.50!), it not only tells you what you should be doing but helps you anticipate the actions of other road-users too.

  • A packed lunch may not be a bad idea as it is an all-day course.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - about your CBT with us.

  • How will I know where to go and what to bring? - We will confirm your booking by email (or post if you don't have an email address), with a reminder of the date and start time of your course and a link to the directions/map page of our website as well as a helpful checklist of what to do and bring.

  • What time does the CBT day start and finish? - It starts at 8.30am (so please try to arrive 10 minutes before this so we can start promptly). The finish time will depend on how those on it get on as it involves continuous training and assessment. Typically though it finishes mid to late afternoon.

  • What clothing do I need to wear? - We supply CE armoured jacket, safety helmet and gloves as part of the course, (although you can bring your own if you have them). If you do not have motorcycle trousers and boots then Wear jeans and a pair of stout lace-up walking boots.

  • Do I need a licence? - Yes, either a provisional or full UK Licence (both the paper counterpart and the photocard), we cannot run the course for you without both of them. If you have an old-style paper-only licence please bring a current, valid passport as photo-ID.

  • I've had a full car licence for years, do I still need to do a CBT? - Yes, if you want to ride a 125cc bike or scooter. (If you only want to ride a 49cc moped with a maximum design speed of no more than 50 km/h (31 mph), and you passed your car test before 01/02/2001 then you do not have to complete a CBT - but it is highly recommended).

  • I have a driving licence from another EU country, can I still do my CBT? - Yes, but you may have to apply to the DVLA for a Community Licence Holder (CLH) paper counterpart if you are not surrendering your EU licence for a UK one. As we are so close to The Port of Dover and The Channel Tunnel we are experts at dealing with these types of enquiries, so please call us for advice!

  • I'm not 16 yet, can I book my CBT for my 16th birthday? - Yes, provided you have received your provisional licence already.

  • Can I pay on the day? - Sorry, no. We have limited spaces on each CBT day, so we have to take payment in advance. We do accept most major debit and credit cards, or you can call in to pay by cash (it's best to phone in advance if you are planning to do this).

  • If I do a CBT on a scooter am I allowed to ride a geared bike? - In a word, yes. We would recommend some training on gears though after your CBT for safety.

  • I did a CBT before, do I have to do it all again? - Yes. Despite what some training schools may tell you, the DSA do require you to complete the CBT in full again if you want to 'renew' it at the end of it's 2 year life. This is not a bad idea, as you may well have picked up some bad habits after 2 years of riding on L-Plates.

  • Can I use my own bike? - Yes. Please tell us in advance if you wish to do this. We will need to see proof of insurance (and you should check with your insurers that you are covered when on a CBT), MOT certificate (if applicable), tax disc displayed correctly, full sized L-Plates displayed front and rear, a full tank of fuel and of course be roadworthy. (And remember - you cannot ride it to us unless you have a current CBT, so you will need to make arrangements to get your bike to our training centre on the CBT day, and to collect it in case your CBT is not completed successfully on the day). We do not charge extra to use one of our bikes, so most students choose to do this.

  • Will I definitely get my CBT Certificate on the day? - Not necessarily. Although a CBT is normally completed successfully in one day, occasionally students have to return to complete it. This can happen where they need more work on their control skills, or simply because their Highway Code knowledge is too poor. We do not charge you any extra if this happens.

  • When will my CBT Certificate be valid from and when does it run out? - The CBT Certificate (DL196) has a date and time of completion on it. It is valid from this time and runs out almost 2 years later at midnight the previous day, (i.e. a CBT certificate issued on 31st March 2010 runs out at midnight 30th March 2012).

  • Will I have to send my licence off after my CBT? - No. The CBT certificate validates the provisional entitlement on your licence, but you do not have to send it off anywhere, even if you move home, or change your name. Just keep it somewhere safe.

  • What if I lose my CBT Certificate? - If you need a replacement certificate we can issue one, we usually need some advance notice to do this - the cost is £20.

Still have questions? - Give us a call on 01233 621536


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The Art of Motorcycle Movement!


Whatever  Your Reasons… Learn to Ride With Us!


Call us on (01233) 621536 (Ashford) to book.


   All major credit and debit cards accepted

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