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A Driving Standards Agency Approved Motorcycle Training Body.



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Our on-road motorcycle training courses take us across the beautiful Kent and East Sussex countryside.


Towns and villages in the South East that we ride in include...







Herne Bay










New Romney





Tunbridge Wells


Our Motorcycle News & Comment


June 2013


Changes at the top of the DSA

New Chief Executive announced ahead of merger with VOSA


DSA chief executive Rosemary Thew will step down as head of The Driving Standards Agency, (DSA), at the end of June. The new post-holder will be the head of the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency, (VOSA), Alastair Peoples. The move is the first step in the new government initiative to merge the DSA and VOSA into a single agency, expected to be completed in 2014.

The decision to merge the two agencies, one responsible for vehicle standards, the other for driver standards, follows the 'Motoring Services Strategy' which ran from December 2012 to March 2013, this concluded that reducing the number of government agencies in this way would save money, although exactly how much has not been revealed.

Alastair Peoples has been chief executive of VOSA since 2009, previously holding Operations Director posts in the UK and Northern Ireland for the agency. Alastair Peoples Formerly a driving examiner in Northern Ireland he worked his way up to Operations Director where he was responsible for all vehicle and driving tests in Northern Ireland. He has been with VOSA since 2004, joining as Operations Director.


Rosemary ThewRosemary Thew leaves The DSA after almost 13 years as chief executive. A career civil servant, joining after completing A-levels, it is understood she has now left the service. She formerly held posts in Jobcentre Plus and the Employment Service.


Comment: Rosemary Thew leaves the DSA after presiding over a number of years of change. This has not always gone smoothly for her by any means. Given millions of pounds to build 65 new Multi-Purpose Test Centres, (MPTC), by October 2008, she not only missed this target (the actual figure was nearer 40), but used up all the money and so was unable to build the rest of them! The writing was on the wall even earlier than this date, as interim targets were missed on the way to this fiasco. The DSA, under Rosemary's leadership, aimed to have 20 of these centres operational by March 2007, they had just 12, (60% of target).


So what do you do if you are supposed to be introducing a new motorcycle test that needs these centres to be up and running but you have spent all the money? Well, what Rosemary did was to 'defer' (that means postpone) the introduction of the new test, (after 7 years of planning), with just 18 days to go, throwing the industry into chaos. Then a decision was made to make the test a two-part (or modular) one, allowing many existing test centres to be used and thus getting round the shortfall of new MPTCs.


The legacy of this is vast areas of the UK still without a Module 1 test centre, training schools having to travel hours with novice students in order for them to take a test.


So goodbye Rosemary, and hello Alastair, you inherit some intrinsic problems that need urgent attention. The only good news is that the bar has been set pretty low, so surely you can only do better than your predecessor?


To see the articles we wrote about this back when it was happening in 2007 and 2008 click here.




Ducati Rider Training Launched

Dexterity MCT Ltd in partnership with Ducati UK Ltd and Laguna Motorcycles Ltd

Dexterity are proud to have been chosen as one of the training schools to be involved in the new Ducati Rider Training Scheme which gives customers the chance to train (and take their tests on) on a Monster 696 provided by Laguna Motorcycles for just a small premium (£50) over the normal DAS price.
The latest version of the Ducati Monster 696 is a complete and impressive package. With Brembo brakes front and rear, upside down Showa forks and a tubular steel trellis frame this is a quality piece of kit, with performance to match its looks! A lovely bike to ride, it's a great way to experience a Ducati for the first time! The 696 is recognised as an ideal machine in that it is lighter than most other 600cc bikes and has a seat height that means it is accessible to a wider variety of riders.


The scheme is expected to generate a lot of interest, and hopefully giving the opportunity to ride such an amazing machine will encourage even more people to train for, and take, their full bike test rather than stopping with just a CBT.


For more details of how to learn on a Ducati visit:







We held a Ladies Day

on Sunday 16th May 2010

10am – 4pm

The Mayor, Dexterity staff and our latest edition - a training car.

Official opening of The Ladies Day and our new Car Training business by the Mayor of Ashford, Councillor Allen Wells.
This was one of our new mayor's
first official engagements.

Lois 'On-The-Loose' Pryce inspired us and made us laugh !

We had an inspiring talk from adventure motorcyclist Lois Pryce Lois on the Loose

Try-Out Rides were popular.

There were Try-Out Rides for a £1, on mopeds and motorcycles under professional instruction on a pre-road training area.

Victoria Radcliffe entertains!

We had live music from Victoria Radcliffe - a singer based in Hawkhurst with accompaniment on acoustic guitar from one of our instructors, Dave Richards. They played some classic covers by artists such as Tracy Chapman, The Beatles, Alanis Morrisette and Jimi Hendrix.

BBQ - Wheel Inn style!

Barbecue by The Wheel Inn, Westwell. Headed by Landlord and top chef, Stuart George, one of our former successful DAS students.
A proper charcoal barbecue - these guys know how to cook!
We enjoyed Bacon rolls, burgers, hotdogs, king prawn brochettes and vegetarian kebabs.

  • Tea, coffee and snacks were also available.

  • Bikes and clothing from Laguna Motorcycles. Ashford and Maidstone - based Lagunas were there with motorcycles, clothing, help and advice.

  • There was motorcycle maintenance advice from Fester's Motorcycles and people took the opportunity to get their bike looked over too!

  • Raffle - great prizes!  - including £50 Hein Gericke Voucher, £50 Alford Brothers Voucher, Meal for Two at The Wheel Inn, £50 Laguna Motorcycles Voucher, £75 service voucher from Festers Motorcycles, £50 Dexterity Training Voucher signed copy of 'Lois on The Loose' and more...


As part sponsors of their Fire Bike Team Dexterity had a great time at Kent Fire & Rescue Service's
Sports & Custom Bike Show
on Sunday 18th April 2010

Stunt show, custom bikes, trade stands, clothing, after-market products, vehicle maintenance, refreshments...

Dexterity out and about in Kent.

Location: Kent Fire & Rescue Service Training Centre, Loose Road, Maidstone, Kent, ME15 9QB.

We hope to see you there again in 2011!



Get On Campaign Films at Dexterity

The national 'Get On' campaign, funded by the motorcycle industry has chosen Dexterity Motorcycle Training to host it's website video.


Filming took place on a sunny, but chilly, March day, with the Get On organisers and the professional crew from Joose TV spending all day at our Ashford site filming the new two minute video. Using two Dexterity instructors, an ex-Dexterity student and a couple of actors the video will be used to give potential applicants for a 'Get On Free Ride' and idea of what to expect.

Interior filming for Get OnEverything was filmed from multiple angles...Describing the use of the controls

We had great fun shooting this, it was a fascinating insight into how these things are put together. Although it took all day, even the 'long' version of the video for use in the training industry is just a little under five-and-a-half minutes! The crew were great fun and we all had a good laugh, in-between the serious job of filming of course.

Getting direction, from the director.The Joose film crew knew how to get the best from us.Everything was filmed from a second camera also.

Our thanks to Nick and Mike of Get On for choosing us and to Dave & Andy our instructors and Michelle for their time and newly discovered acting skills!


And this is the finished video!



updated 02/07/10

original article 25/03/10

Our Rider's Digest Sponsorship
Dexterity Motorcycle Training sponsors local young person with their bike training!

Sian Phelan, 20, from Ashford, Kent, did not expect much when she penned a few hundred words in a competition in the motorcycle magazine 'Rider's Digest'. When she had found out she had won it was almost too good to be true. The prize was some top riding kit from Oxford Productsand motorcycle training course from an approved training body. That's when we were asked if we would consider sponsoring her through her training, and we were delighted to be able to help.

Sian proudly showing her CBT Certificate.

Having been on the back of her brother's bike, but never having ridden herself before, Sian was only too happy to agree with our recommendation of at least one 'Taster Session' before booking her CBT. She admits to having enjoyed it more and more as the training went on.
Well done Sian! . Look out for articles on her in The Rider's Digest magazine.







       updated   12/05/10                        



  • 28 Countries    Now extended to 32 Countries!

  • 40,000 km (25,000 miles)   Now extended to 60,000km!

  • For Save The Children

Spencer Conway with his Yamaha XT660Z Tenere and Dexterity Motorcycle Training


We are proud to be a Sponsor of africa-bike-adventure and Spencer Conway in his solo circumnavigation of Africa!


When Spencer Conway decided to use his considerable off-road riding experience to raise money for Save The Children he had a number of obstacles to overcome. These included sorting the bike, the kit and the mental strength to tackle the daunting Sahara, Tenere, Nubian and Namib deserts for a start.

Spencer having just passed his motorcycle test with Dexterity Motorcycle Training

Then he realised that he would need a UK motorcycle licence (the journey begins in Biddenden, Kent, and overland through Europe, (see for details). That's when he approached Dexterity Motorcycle Training for assistance.


We were only too pleased to help, especially for such a worthy cause. As Spencer puts it, 'ALL children deserve proper healthcare, food, education and protection.'

We are pleased to report that, like so many of our students, Spencer passed his motorcycle test first time, and can now concentrate on his other preparations for the trip.


Go for it Spencer, we wish you good, safe and enjoyable travels!



Previous Sponsorship by Dexterity Motorcycle Training



2007 & 2008

Lee Street Gets that Winning Feeling!

Grasstrack racer Lee, sponsored by Dexterity Motorcycle Training, had a great 2007 season!

Lee Street won all of his 2007 races except one, however the one he failed to finish was in the crucial final championship heats and so he finished an overall 9th. But you can be sure this has fired him up and he'll be back in 2008 to compete again! Dexterity Motorcycle Training are proud to continue their association with Lee and will be continuing to sponsor him in his 2008 season.

If you've never watched Grasstrack Racing be sure to try to get to at least one of the events in 2008. It's fast, furious and right in front of you! The riders and the paddock are accessible so you can meet them afterwards, or just wander through the paddock and see what goes on behind the scenes.


Find out more about Grasstrack racing here.

Full results here.


Lee Street wins at Collier Street, Kent. Number 75 - Lee Street

















Dexterity Motorcycle Training were pleased to sponsor Lee Street in 2007.

(And we were so impressed we sponsored him again in 2008!)


Quote from - '250cc Solos went to the man of the class this season (2006), Lee Street. Winning all his races and the final as he liked. Surely on this form he will be hard to stop from winning this year's British Championship.'







Singer-Songwriter Julia Jones learning to ride with us!

Kent Businesses ‘Dexterity Motorcycle Training’ and

‘Robinsons Foundry’ Get Behind Julia’s 4000-mile America tour

Julia Jones had never climbed onto a motorcycle until she was persuaded by some of her music fans in San Francisco during her 2006 tour. Jones says ‘I climbed onto the back of this amazing looking Harley Davidson after our show and suddenly we were zipping through the streets of San Francisco at 1.00am. From that moment I was hooked’.

Julia has been touring America with her band since 2005 with the support of UK brands including Virgin, Bass, and EMI promoting British music using her pimped-out double-decker bus. The event is called The BritBus Tour and was developed by Julia after she completed her MBA degree at UKC in 2001. After hearing of her new-found passion for motorbikes, Triumph motorcycles in the USA offered Julia a Triumph Bonneville with a Union Jack gas tank to ride across America with the double-decker bus during her 10-week 2007 tour.

Julia says,

‘It was fantastic news to hear the offer from Triumph but without a licence and riding experience I felt that I couldn’t accept’.

Fortunately local Kent businesses heard of the news and offered a helping hand. Dexterity Motorcycle Training based in Ashford stepped forward to sponsor Julia’s motorcycle training. In addition local dealership Robinsons Foundry in Canterbury and their riders clubs contacted Julia and offered to provide an identical Triumph Bonneville for Julia to get used to riding on the roads of Kent before hitting the road in the USA.

Julia Jones learning to ride a motorcycle with Dexterity Motorcycle TrainingNo turning back... Julia on the 'big bike'

The fantastic support from Dexterity and Robinson’s Foundry will enable Julia to not only ride across America but also enable her to use the motorcycle to attract more media attention during her 2007 tour. The motorcycle will be given away to a prize-winner in the USA when she reaches her final destination in New York.

 Number Plates & Private Car Registrations


More News














New Motorcycle Test Introduction Deferred!   

The DSA defers of the introduction of the New Motorcycle Test with less than 3 weeks to go until it was due to begin.

The New Motorcycle Test was due to come in force on September 29th 2008 but will now not begin until 30th March 2009. The DSA have cited the fact that 'significant areas of Great Britain' would not have has access to the new test centres as the reason behind the decision. Despite this they still claim to have hit the Secretary of State's target for coverage of the country with the centres they have built. Only 38 new test centres are due to be operational by October 2008 against a total of 65, with large areas of the country without any centres at all. The DSA are still using the phrase 'good progress' in their latest correspondence to describe the situation.


The last minute nature of this decision threatens to throw the DSA and the training industry into chaos as tests for October and November that had been advanced booked by training schools at the new 'Multi-Purpose Test Centres' (MPTCs)  now have to be re-allocated to existing test centres. Many are asking why this decision could not have been made sooner as the preparation for the new test has been underway for 7 years only to be delayed when there were just 18 days to go!


More Problems

Whilst the extra 6 months to take the 'old' test is good news for many would-be learner motorcyclists, alarm bells are already ringing as the DSA admit that there will still be some fairly major gaps in their 'national' coverage even in March 2009. Examples include Croydon and Uxbridge (earliest possible date for MPTCs here is December 2009), and Hastings/Eastbourne where no site has been found at all! The message to those who still haven't taken their motorcycle test has got to be 'make the most of the extra 6 months and beat the new legislation, book your course now!'



Test Fees to Rise Again? 

The Driving Standards Agency is considering a further increase to the Practical Motorcycle Test Fee in the new year from the current price of £60 to £80, raising the cost of being tested by a third. Insiders in the industry are not surprised by this move as it has been widely speculated that a series of test fee increases would be brought in on the run up to the changes in the practical motorcycle test  coming in next October. The move is likely to lead to criticism that this increase, and those before it, have been brought in to make any October 2008 increase seem less dramatic, rather than a reaction to any rising costs of administering the current test.



Theory Test Changes

The Motorcycle (and Car) Theory Test has changed. From 3rd September 2007 the number of multiple choice questions  has increased from 35 to 50. The pass mark increased from it's former level, (30 out of 35) to 43 out of 50 (as a percentage this remains roughly the same at 86%). The fee increased by £7 for tests taken on or after 3rd September this year.

The hazard perception part of the test is remains unchanged.

Click here to find out more about the motorcycle theory test...



New Motorcycle Test

 A new practical motorcycle test is to be introduced in 2008.

The new test will be in two parts. The set exercises will be tested on off-road sites at new Multi Purpose Test Centres (MPTC) to be built. Then the accompanied road riding element will follow. The new test includes some additional special manoeuvres for riders including wheeling the machine backwards into a cone 'garage', a slalom and a figure of eight, and two higher speed manoeuvres including an avoidance manoeuvre and a higher speed emergency stop.

Click Here to read about it...



DSA 'We won't be ready'  

Having already missed its Secretary of State target for multi purpose test centres

there's more bad news from The Driving Standards Agency.


The latest from the DSA is that they now admit that they will fall short of the 65 centres they were hoping to have opened by October 2008. The actual figure is likely to be nearer 45, or less. This is due to difficulties and delays in obtaining planning permission with many areas encountering strong local opposition to their plans. To make matters worse they now seem to have shelved contingency plans to bridge the gap in the short-term through hiring temporary sites. A lack of suitable sites, and safety concerns over the quality of tarmac surfaces needed for the higher-speed manoeuvres, have been given as reasons.


In order to provide off-road motorcycle test facilities for the New Motorcycle Test the DSA was aiming to have 20 of the new multi purpose test centres (MPTCs) operational by the end of March 2007, only 12 were operational by this date, (60% of target). The agency is aiming for around 65 centres to be built in total. It is thought difficulties in acquiring suitable sites due to pressure for new houses together with planning problems may have contributed to the delays.

So far only 12 of these new test centres have been built, these include Gloucester, Ipswich, Newport, Shrewsbury, Leicester, Rotherham, Gateshead, Exeter, Darlington, Hull and Enfield. Further centres are at various stages of building and commissioning in Peterborough, St Helen's, Chester and, for our area, Herne Bay.

The final location of many of the planned sites is still unknown, although the general areas which the DSA and their agents Lambert Smith Hampton are searching have been published. In our area we now know that an MPTC is under construction in Herne Bay whilst the search continues in the Gillingham and Hastings areas.

Construction of the Herne Bay MPTC was delayed recently after having to call in archaeologists to check some interesting artefacts they began to uncover! It is now back under-way but the delay means it may only just open in time for the new test.

The DSA describes as 'good progress' the acquisition of just 22 sites so far out of a total requirement of 65. Less than 50% of the total with around a year until they are needed would not count as a success by many people's reckoning!

Motorcycle training organisations are concerned that in many areas sites have still yet to be identified, and delays in getting the centres operational could cause those areas to be without motorcycle test centres when the new bike test comes in force in October 2008 to comply with EU requirements.


Updated 02/12/07



Our Launch Event - photos and local newspaper articles
Photos by former Dexterity student, and friend, Ben Jones.



Read all about it! Dexterity Motorcycle Training in the newspapers.

The Mayor of Ashford officially opens our training school.

The Mayor tries out one of our bikes!

The Mayor & Mayoress and representatives from The Towers School at our official launch event.






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